About Us

Brian Paget – Founder ChatOrDie

AI is evolving rapidly, and so should your access to it.

Many AI models have inherent blind spots, and some are more suited to specific tasks than others. To get the best results, it’s essential to compare outputs side by side, allowing the AIs to compete for your use. However, this must be done privately—without tracking, storing, or using your data to train these models.

That’s why I built Chatordie.AI: a platform that evolves continuously, integrating the top and trending AI models while maintaining your privacy. Our platform allows you to experiment in a completely private environment, free from the prying eyes of data collectors.

Chatordie.AI integrates with top AI models via APIs that do not capture or share chat history for training or logging.

  • Privacy-First Approach: All requests are sent from Chatordie.AI, not from you. All our chats are aggregated our API ensuring your privacy and anonymity.
  • Constant Evolution: We continually update our platform, adding the latest and most effective AI models.
  • Single Access Point: With one login, you can chat and compare outputs from multiple premium AI models in one place.
  • No Data Tracking: We do not store your chat history, ensuring that your interactions remain private.

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