Chat Simultaneously & Anonymously with GPT-4, Claude 3, Gemini Pro & More

Always-on Privacy

Keep All Your Chats All to Yourself

No chat information, including content, or IP addresses, is ever stored on our servers. Sessions are cleared immediately upon closing or refreshing your browser, logging out, or starting a new chat, ensuring complete privacy.

We do not sell or try to otherwise monetize any of your information, including chat data, subscription details, or email addresses. Your privacy is our top priority and we ensure it by collecting only the minimum necessary to create and account subscription and nothing else.

One Prompt, Multiple Perspectives

Unleash the power of diverse perspectives and avoid the pitfalls of AI bias and hallucinations. Choose which AI models to chat with, compare results instantly, and enjoy fast, reliable responses.

With ChatOrDie, you take control of your AI experience, filtering out unwanted results and keeping the conversation flowing with the model that best meets your needs. Find the perfect AI partner for innovative problem-solving, enriching discussions, and insightful discoveries.

Premium Access to All the Top AI Models

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